About Us

LUX-CO History

As a continuation of the decade-old family traditions, in 1997 the craft shop “ENTERIJER” was established with intention of making furniture and interior on the basis of solid wood. Initially, it was oriented to a narrow local market, where it realizes the initial design of custom made furniture, kitchen, bedrooms and individual furniture elements such as tables, chests, wardrobes and beds. Later on, company expand their services to furnishing of interiors, floor and wall coverings, staircases and terraces in indivudal housing units, houses, apartments cottages etc. The quality of furniture and interiors design becomes a key reference that become the interest of the wider marker, so the business goes far beyond the local market, and that was followed by much more demanding and complex projects, which in itself required greater dynamics in the technological and organzational expansion and improvement. In addition to this, such dynamics of increasing production volume and market demands was accompanied by an increase in the number of employees as well as the acquisition of new and more modern techonology. In order to respond to increased work volume, in 2001 a decision was made to establish LUX-CO d.o.o Olovo as well as the decision to build a new manufacturing facility in the new place, with the completion and consolidation of the technological process from logs to finished products.

This move has made it possible for a much more efficient and comprehensive  production that was able to respond to more complex projects. The development of the company adopts new standards in product quality, introduces new technologies, educates employees, resulting in a brand new reputation of the company and an increased interest of the market. LUX-CO d.o.o becomes the leader in Bosnia and Herzegovina in equipping complete interior of hotels, restaurants, taverns and administrative space in high de lux category. Nowadays, we have the facilities of Hotel Park, White in Montenegro, Hotel in Makarska, Hotel Navis Orašje, Hotel Opal Sarajevo, Hotel Nar Trebinje, Kibe Sarajevo restaurants, Kulin Dvor Sarajevo, Vukovar Trebinje winery, and other representative villas and residences. What makes the company become recognizable and has a special position on the market lately is a room door made of the latest immoral materials of modern design, which are increasingly being sought for high-class hotels, office and administrative premises, collective accommodation facilities, and so on. In technical, technological and organizational terms, the company has an whole production process, which involves a process from a log to a finished product. The company has installed capacity for cutting wood, production of log boards, own drying facilities, final wood processing, and finishing, painting and varnishing.